Set Up a Permanent Google Hangout for Easy Collaboration

Google Hangouts is fantastic: really the only good feature of Google+, and a favorite of many people who work with remote teams. Recently I found myself having to schedule several meetings over Hangouts, and I didn’t want to deal with inviting people when it was time for the meeting to start.

Well, Google offers a very undocumented solution to this problem: you can set up a mostly permanent Hangout to use for quick collaboration.

To set one up, visit Google+ Events and click Create Event. Under Event Options ยป Advanced, check off “Hangouts” to make it an online event only:

Create a Permanent Google Hangout

Then, set your event date to some day far in the future. Your Hangout link will expire on this day, so be sure to set yourself a reminder to redo this.

Once it’s created, you should see it in your upcoming events:

Event Details Screen

Click the Hangouts link to open your empty hangout. The URL in this window is your permanent link you can now quickly share to people to set up a quick conference call with screen sharing and such.

Bonus tip: You can use Smile Software’s fantastic TextExpander to set up a snippet to drop the link easily. I personally use hhangout.

January 9, 2014