Marco Arment:

This is why a hundred other sites are trying to be Daring Fireball, why everybody’s starting a podcast, and why nobody’s buying your app in the App Store.

The democratization of media production and distribution over the last few decades has worked incredibly well. Overall, it’s a net win for society. But the downside is that everything’s now extremely crowded.

There’s a lot of money and attention out there to go around, but there’s also a lot more competition for everything.

Here’s the thing – building yet another calendar/photo/messaging app is a great way to get ignored. You’re just putting a less than unique spin on a problem that’s probably already been solved. Heck, Marco himself is guilty of it by building yet another podcast app.

If you want someone to buy the thing you build, it’s important to step away from code and observe people. See what pains people have in their lives that don’t have solutions today. There are underserved niches everywhere that can lead to profitable businesses.

But building yet another X app is the best way to not be noticed.