Geek-loved service Everpix is shutting down:

In time, Latour hopes, the lessons of Everpix will become more clear to him. Where had it all gone wrong, exactly? Maybe there was something obvious that everyone had missed. Maybe it was ahead of its time. Maybe not.

In yet another case of silicon valley services shutting down, Everpix couldn’t find a way to be profitable. Ironically, I was about to sign up for the service this week. What’s hard about this one is that they weren’t a free service – they even charged their users.

This is still a case of a team more focused on technology than building a business. It was an amazing technology, but without a focus on actually growing the service organically, there’s no way they could build a business. It doesn’t help that they were probably overpaying for AWS.

This should have been the perfect case of a company who could scale slowly, with the users funding their growth. They solved a real problem, but simply didn’t charge enough money. In a few years, they had 55,000 users with under $300,000 per year in revenue. That’s nuts.