Jamie Zawinski:

I am still constantly amazed at the level user-hostility — actually outright contempt — in mobile web design. (…)

Here’s how the dance goes, when reading on an iPad: I click on a link to an article I think I might want to read. The page shows up, and almost the entire page is bullshit: there’s always a huge banner, the right half of the page is ads, and the article is crammed into the bottom left quarter of the screen — below a marginally-related stock photo (bitches love stock photos). If you consider that stock photo to be relevant, that’s 20% or 25% of the screen being devoted to the article itself. The rest of it is useless bullshit.

As much time and thought is being put into mobile development, this world is still in it’s infancy days, much like the popup banner laden days of the late 90s. Still much room for improvement.