Is there another network today that is consistently putting out such loved shows as AMC? Maybe HBO and Showtime, but no one on cable/broadcast. Between Mad Men, Breaking Bad, and The Walking Dead, AMC has been able to demand higher rates from cable companies per subscriber:

Becoming “a network,” with the help of Breaking Bad and other shows like ratings boon The Walking Dead, helped AMC devise what Quartz’s Zachary Seward describes as an ingenious strategy. The network has produced a core group of shows so beloved by viewers that AMC can charge cable companies high rates to broadcast them. Having shows like this “provided enough leverage for AMC to demand that cable companies pay higher affiliate fees, which rose from 22 cents per customer per month in 2007 to 33 cents in 2013—a 50% jump in five years, according to estimates by SNL Kagan,” Seward wrote, noting that those figures don’t include AMC Networks’ other channels. “When Dish Network balked at paying higher fees last year, AMC ultimately won the dispute.”

What’s genius is that where other networks make their content notoriously inaccessible, AMC has purposely made their content as available as they can on Netflix to help grow their viewership:

Breaking Bad’s availability on Netflix is also helping both the network and the streaming service. Seward noted that AMC is “more progressive than nearly any other cable network” in sharing its shows on the Internet.

They’ve made the decision that their revenue growth will come from cable companies’ subscriber fees, not people purchasing the shows on DVD or iTunes. Because of that, consumers are happier because they can access shows on Netflix and AMC is making more money than ever. Brilliant.

Who would have thought all this progressive thinking would come from “American Movie Classics” that showed old black and white movies when I was a kid.