Rian van der Merwe:

I still love Instagram, but I worry that it’s just the latest example of our obsession to add as many features as possible to products out of fear of losing traction. Instead of lateral shifts into additional functionality, I’d like to see more companies double down on the features they already have, and continuously improve the experience around those features.

I agree with Rian on a philosophical level. The problem is, the “other 99%” of the world absolutely loves video on Instagram. I’ve seen family members post things like “What will Instagram come up with next??” They don’t care that it’s a Vine rip off or that the video quality isn’t as good. What they know is that they’re getting videos of babies instead of just pictures.

It was a smart move on Instagram’s part, because they’re at the point where they need to appeal to 1 billion people, not just the designer niche.