Benedict Evans:

The same point, I think, applies to Google Glass. If you spend all day in the Googleplex, thinking googly thoughts about data ingestion and Now and the interest graph, then having ‘Google’ hovering in front of your eyes instead of rubbing on a phone seems like a really obvious progression. If everyone you know owns a Tesla and is deeply engrossed in new technology, then the idea that there might be social problems with Glass doesn’t come up – everyone’s too busy saying ‘AWESOME!’. In much the same way, no-one on the Facebook Home team seems to have realised that most people’s news feed isn’t full of perfectly composed photos of attractive friends on the beach.

This happens in nearly every company. When someone spends their 9-5 Monday through Friday thinking about a particular industry they become engrossed and greatly overvalue the impact that industry has in a normal person’s life.

Stepping back from that and realizing that you might just be a blip on a consumer’s radar is a humbling experience, and one that most organization and product owners need to go through to better understand how to improve their product.