Michael Mulvey:

When I described Home to my wife in the car earlier today, she replied, “I don’t like the sound of it. Most of my friends’ lives aren’t all that exciting to me.”

I agree with her. The lives of most of the people I’m connected to on Facebook aren’t very interesting either, so having their updates front-and-center on my phone doesn’t appeal to me (conversely, I don’t think my life is exciting to most of the people I’m connected to on Facebook).

My thoughts exactly. It’s not that Facebook is losing it’s appeal, it’s just that 99% of us don’t have friends toting around SLRs taking pictures of themselves doing amazing things. Most of Facebook are badly lit pictures of uninteresting things.

As Shawn Blanc put it:

All my Facebook Home Cover Feed shows is blurry pictures of hamburgers and closeups of babies I don’t know.

But we do have to separate the design experiment. Facebook has some amazing designers working on progressively uninteresting problems. The visual style of what they’ve built is gorgeous. What I’m curious to see is if the swipe centric interface will catch on with “normal people.” Gestures tend to be difficult to discover and remember.