Austin Carr at Fast Company:

Ever dreamed of working under Jack Dorsey’s direction at Square? For a startup as sexy as Square is in the Valley, the company is tackling some rather unsexy problems: credit card processing, receipts, point-of-sale systems. “Jack is a big fan of trying to make the mundane feel fun and whimsical and interesting, even a refund screen, for refunding credit-card payments,”Andersen says. “He calls us out on that kind of stuff all the time. Some people when they hear that are like, ‘Oh my god, that’s not helpful at all. I don’t understand why this should be fun.'”

Square is one of the most interesting startups in the Bay Area these days. What people seem to forget though, is that they’re solving relatively boring problems, stuff that’s been ignored for years because the best designers didn’t care to tackle them.

It’s great to see good work going into mundane problems to bring up the whole experience.