Federico Viticci does some great digging on the new 1Password 4.1 update for iOS. The big new feature in this update is the support of URL schemes – a concept where a custom URL in Safari can invoke an action in an app on your iOS device.

In the article, Federico shares a bookmarklet that you can invoke in Safari, and the current page will open in the 1Password browser where you can fill in your credentials easily from the database. The testing I did over the weekend makes this function almost completely like the desktop browser plugin. Given the constraints of iOS, this is a great solution.

If you’re away from a desktop, installing a bookmarklet can be a bit of a pain. Federico doesn’t cover this, but the easiest way will be to simply bookmark the existing page from the action menu, then go in and edit the bookmark by changing the URL to be the JavaScript code he shares at the bottom of the article.

This is a fantastic addition to the secure workflows for 1Password that I wrote about last month.