Gabor Cselle:

Overall, none of this is rocket science. I’m pretty sure that all of this could have been done with UIKit, but it turns out Brichter implemented his own animation engine in OpenGL [1]. What sets Letterpress apart is that there are few screens and little complexity, every screen in the app is thoroughly executed, and every transition is carefully animated. Nothing you or I couldn’t do. “Modern art is when you could have done it, but you didn’t,” the saying goes, and it is also true for Letterpress.

Letterpress was made popular by geeks who know who Loren Brichter is, but has no doubt, transcended to mainstream, casual gamers. No doubt, families over the US were hooked to their iOS devices over Thanksgiving weekend playing this – the game is brilliant.

It gives me hope that not every social game now has to include hundreds of dollars in in-app purchase and/or ads plastered all over it. It can be a simple, beautifully designed game that appeals to all.