Jack Dorsey:

The entire technology industry uses the word “user” to describe its customers. While it might be convenient, “users” is a rather passive and abstract word. No one wants to be thought of as a “user” (or “consumer” for that matter). I certainly don’t. And I wouldn’t consider my mom a “user” either, she’s my mom. The word “user” abstracts the actual individual. This may seem like a small and insignificant detail that doesn’t matter, but the vernacular and words we use here at Square set a very strong and subtle tone for everything we do. So let’s now part ways with our industry and rethink this.

Only two industries use the word “user” this much. The other one involves narcotics.

Our Experience Design team at Credera is actively working to eliminated the world “user” from our vernacular. We design and build for customers, visitors, and registrants. It humanizes who you are building for, and really helps gain consensus in a room. Everyone knows what you’re talking about.

Pro tip: this TextExpander snippet has helped me eliminate this bad habit in my writing.