John Sonmez:

As a society in general we have adopted the idea that attending institutions of education is the correct way to learn about a subject.  And while schooling can be important and good, it is often not the best method of acquiring useful actionable knowledge.

My point is simply that the most efficient way to learn something that you will actually put into action is to decide what must be learned and how to learn it yourself, rather than taking a complete prescription from someone else. Someone else may be able to break down subject matter and assist in your learning, but you ultimately are responsible for your own education.

Our world today has bestowed upon academic institutions the monopoly on certifying people for knowledge. Sure, this is important for say, a Doctor or an Accountant. We don’t want those people “just picking up their skills.”

But the good news is, for so many other fields and skills, it’s something you can learn on your own and put into action. You don’t have to sit through classes doing homework – you just need the motivation to get started.