Scott Adams:

Then there’s this blog. I don’t expect anything I write here to directly influence world events or to change anyone’s mind about anything. But what I know from my work as a creator of content is that all creativity comes from putting existing ideas into a mixing bowl then swirling the whole mess around to see what happens. The more ideas you are exposed to, the more likely one of your mixtures will produce something great. If you read any idea in this blog that you wouldn’t have thought on your own, your creative potential is increased. That’s a big deal because nothing of importance has ever been done without creativity.

That ‘exposure to ideas’ concept is an interesting one in finding great people to work with and growing yourself as a creator. Creative jobs inherently require you to not be a time clock punching 9-5 worker. To give yourself a leg up, you have to love what you do, and live it, read it, and have it be the thing you’d do if you didn’t have to work.

That’s why the transition from an industrial middle class society will be hard: those old factory jobs were easy and “just a job.”