Jason Fried:

But what I really love about Uber is how they’ve smartly focused the full experience on the ride, not the ride plus a transaction.

This is a fundamental shift – and a stellar example of designing the whole customer experience.

Cabs and traditional limo rides have always ended with a transaction. They pick you up, but before they drop you off you have to transact. You give them money, or give them a card, you wait, they give you change or charge your card, you have to think about tip, and then you get out. It’s like a retail store, except that I’m not going in to buy something, I’m just want a ride. That whole process hasn’t been rethought for decades.

Smart move by Uber. I have no doubt that great experiences will move away from transactional and more to relational. You feel an attachment and a loyalty to Uber, while you generally “tolerate” traditional cabs.