Two Simple Design Tools

The best part of the Mac App Store are inexpensive apps that are focused on solving one simple problem.

I’ve come across two recently that have quickly become an integral part of my design workflow:


LittleIpsum [Free] sits in your menu bar and lets you easily copy random blocks of Lorem Ipsum filler text. You can select from one word up to four paragraphs.

Once you click on the length you want, the text is copied to the clipboard.



ColorSnapper [$4.99] is another menu item/systemwide app that creates a color picker to grab any color on your screen. I’ve got mine mapped to a global keyboard shortcut of Option-Shift-Command-H (H for “Hue”).

In the preferences, I’ve configured that when you click on the color, it copies the Hex value (e.g., FFFFFF) to your clipboard. This is useful for pasting into Photoshop where you don’t need the #. However, if you want to grab the CSS value with the # in front (e.g., #FFFFFF), just hold alt when you click. You can configure how it copies to almost any style (RGB, CSS3 rgba, etc.).

Another nice perk about ColorSnapper is that it’ll save your 5 most recently picked colors in the toolbar menu.


August 16, 2012