I love what Paper Denim & Cloth did for their look book this year:

“The original Paper Denim look book was done with Polaroids,” says Chantel Valentene, the brand’s creative director. “Instagram is the modern equivalent, so when we were talking about doing the look book for the relaunch, it was a natural step. It fits in with our idea that getting dressed should be easy — with Instagram you can’t retouch, it’s what you see is what you get. It’s the opposite of fussy.”

A brilliant way to set themselves apart: Paper Denim didn’t use Instagram because it was the cool thing – it was a tool to convey how no fuss their line of clothes was. They made it fun for their followers to keep up with the shoot.

There’s this stigma that iPhone photography isn’t “real” and that we’re editing our photos to look vintage, but as Ben Brooks put it:

Still, I think one of the biggest questions that surrounds modern photography (as we move forward) is going to be: what’s real? Some of the more iconic photos of the last 5 years were shot on digital and heavily tweaked in software during editing — are these photos then, not real?