Thanks to Squarespace for sponsoring Behind Companies this week. Whiel I choose to host my own site because I like to fiddle, Squarespace is without a doubt my recommendation for friends and family who want to easily publish their own site.

The new layout engine is absolutely stunning. Be sure to check it out.

Design a visually rich website with magazine-quality layouts that scale to any screen size, all without touching a line of code. Squarespace 6 is a revolutionary new website creation platform with over 50 new features. Squarespace’s breakthrough LayoutEngine technology allows anyone to create visually-rich pages with any configuration of text, images, or blocks by dragging items exactly where you want them.

The platform comes equipped with 20 new fully customizable templates and offers sophisticated media management, a robust blogging engine, deep social network integration, real-time statistics, multiple author support, and more.

Try Squarespace 6 today –free 14-day trial.

Sponsorship by The Syndicate

Squarespace 6