Kyle Baxter:

Microsoft, then, is attempting to extend the PC into different areas through new form-factors while maintaining the PC interface (both software and hardware) as we’ve known it for its power. This fundamentally maintains the PC’s intent as we’ve known it, whereas Apple’s vision is to change it altogether.

Too many people outside of the nerd world don’t need 95% of what their PCs do. This crowd, while not vocal is large. They are the ones that always bought Windows-based PCs because “it’s just what they had at work.” This crowd is the one who needs less and yet Microsoft is alienating by trying to build tablets that let you have your cake and eat it.

For that crowd, there’s still no reason to buy a Post-PC device other than an iPad. The same things that made Windows the right choice for them – ubiquity, support, and availability of software – are the advantages the iPad has. Microsoft has almost zero post-PC platform support. I don’t know why Surface will change that.