MG Siegler:

Most of what is written about the tech world — both in blog form and old school media form — is bullshit. I won’t try to put some arbitrary label on it like 80%, but it’s a lot. There’s more bullshit than there is 100% pure, legitimate information.

Read the stories that are published in the tech blogosphere tomorrow. Are most published because the writer put in a lot of work or original thought? No, most are published because more — more — more content leads to more — more — more pageviews. 

Most are stories written with little or no research done. They’re written as quickly as possible. The faster the better. Most are just rehashing information that spread by some other means. But that’s great, it means stories can be written without any burden beyond the writer having to read a little bit and type words fast. Many are written without the writer even having to think.

There was a time where having a platform to publish was a unique thing. It’s why newspapers or television were meaningful. They could get away with mediocre. We simply needed the basic “function” of getting the news.

Today? Anyone has a platform, and when it comes to tech blogging, the smart writers have taken a different approach of thoughtful writing, taking a position and giving an opinion. They don’t rush to be the first, but they take their time in putting out quality content.

There’s no reason to rush to be the first besides pageviews. That’s a race to the bottom.