Kyle Baxter:

Here’s what it is: an organization whose goal is to be the only place readers need to go to find out what’s going on that’s important (coverage) and what’s meaningful about news events and relevant issues (insight and context). Go deep on certain subjects (politics, technology, sports) and make their writing on it so good that anyone interested in the subject has no choice but to read it. Embrace the web, rather than resist it. General-interest articles are freely available, and verticals are gated but open to links. Publish links to terrific pieces from other sources, and do so as prominently as they do their original content.

Smart piece from Kyle. The general idea is for newspapers to learn from great bloggers. It’s about depth, not breadth.

Honestly, I think we get it in certain verticals. I read certain “newspapers” that are focused on a particular topic and do exactly what Kyle mentioned. A great example is the Catholic newspaper, The National Catholic Register, which focuses on in-depth blogs and helping people to understand a point of view on a story. They liberally link to outside sources and independent blogs.

“The News” is commoditized – it’s time for papers to figure out what their competitive advantage is. Unfortunately, as MG Siegler shared, it tends to be going in the opposite direction.