Hello, Fusion Ads

If you take a look at the sidebar, you’ll notice something new: an ad from Fusion Ads. I’m excited to have joined some great sites at Fusion.

From the time that Chris Bowler started running the network, I’ve been fan. It was one of my inspirations for starting The Syndicate.

I’m traditionally against banner ads, going so far to proclaim that “Banner Ads are so 2005″ on The Syndicate’s site. It’s not that banner ads bad, they’re simply a medium. Fusion does them right.

Fusion requires advertisers to use beautiful banners:

Our aim is to deliver beautiful and relevant ads by manually approving all advertisers, products, and creatives that run on the network. By being the bridge between our readers and you, our faithful customers, we can ensure the maximum return on your time and hard-earned money.

It’s about communicating great products through storytelling, which is something that I believe in. So if you’re ever exploring the site and the ad looks interesting, check out the sponsors.

May 16, 2012