Matt Salisbury:

I didn’t design that logo and never would have come up with the particular concept. Our junior designer couldn’t have fully executed the idea alone, our motion artist wouldn’t have been able to come up with the execution if he lacked the initial sketch, and our Project Manager’s advice wouldn’t have worked without the polished concept. But the result of our collaboration – of our connectedness – was a great product for the client.

Success must be rewarded. Merit ought to be celebrated. But all should serve the good of the whole: the team, project, client, or company. That’s where connectedness really draws its power and bears fruit.

Humility is a trait that business seems to have forgotten. In all our clawing our ways to the top, we forget that we can’t do it without a great team.

When you are complemented on great work, the first words out of your mouth should be who you couldn’t have done it without.