Big Design is quickly growing into one of the best design/developemnt/associated geekery conference in the Southwest. It has the same vibe that SXSW had 10 years ago.

It’s kicking off tomorrow morning through Saturday. There will be some great speakers, including keynotes by Stephen Anderson and Jared Spool. I also highly recommend checking out Jeremy Johnson, Aaron Hursman, and Mark Kraemer.

For the second year, I’ll be speaking as well, at 3pm on Friday in the Addison Lecture Hall. This year it’ll be about1 setting up your products to be meaningful using the Jobs to be Done framework.

I’ve been quietly previewing the topics the last few weeks.

I look forward to meeting any readers who will be attending, so please do stop by and introduce yourself. And if you’ve procrastinated registering, there are still a few tickets available.

  1. This description and title are quite old and the talk has shifted quite a bit. []