In all the discussion last week about making money off your writing, Michael Schechter gives us a great reminder:

The reality is, if you’re looking to make a living by typing words and posting them on a website, you’re going to be cobbling that living together for a while… you know, just like every other early-stage business owner out there. Encourage your readers to help, give them a reason to help support you, but if you really want this to be your livelihood you’re going to have to make something more than just your words alone. No matter how valuable they actually might be.

I’ve always looked at my writing online as a gateway into other opportunities. What’s valuable on the web today is people’s time and attention. You invest in putting out quality content to build an audience that trusts you.

Then you need to figure out how to make something of value.

I love this trend like what David Sparks is doing, where writers online are investing their time into making something of value. It doesn’t even have to be a physical good, but the truth is, few writers will make a living off posting links.