Normally, I believe unions are un-necessary in this day and age and usually stifle business growth by raising wages uncompetitively. However, the US Postal Worker’s union is actually making some intelligent recommendations to save the USPS:

The report says the agency should raise its stamp prices, which are among the lowest in the world, and find new ways to profit more from its built-in advantage as the only entity to reach every American home every day. It should also replace its multilayered governance system with a corporate- style board of directors whose members have entrepreneurial experience.


The US Postal Service has a simple fix: charge what it actually costs to deliver mail. Instead, they keep mail rates artificially low.

Oh wait:

The Postal Service should be able to raise stamp prices, which are among the lowest among developed countries, the union’s report said. Currently, the Postal Service can’t increase postal rates faster than the rate of inflation under a 2006 law that provided commercial mailers a rate cap they had long sought.