Dave Caolo:

Today, my iPhone offers an almost constant connection to the digital world. Alerts of all sorts ding, buzz and chirp all day long. It’s annoying. Which is why I ask, why would I want those alerts to be literally in my face? I can avoid looking at my iPhone. I can’t ignore every little blip that appears inches from my eye. That’s not a feature. It’s an annoyance.

The video makes this painfully clear. The poor guy can’t even look out the window without seeing five little icons.

Smart piece. It’s also why concept videos are a terrible idea. They’re meant to look snazzy, but remove all the constraints and usability of real life.

When it comes to the Google glasses, it’s depressing to imagine a world where people are constantly distracted. Plus, when would we ever have time to think?

I’m with Dave: No thanks!