Trevor Gilbert:

An article published by VentureBeat earlier today made the claim that Apple should move its manufacturing jobs back to the United States from China. Normally, if one site made this claim, it’d be natural to let it slide. However, this is an attitude that has steadily encroached upon the public mindset in the last year, especially following the increased scrutiny that Apple and Foxconn have faced in the last few months.

In light of this increase of attention, it’s apparent that the record needs correcting and that someone needs to show that while jingoistic posts may be enticing, they aren’t based in reality.

China manufactures products cheaper, plain and simple. They have a comparative advantage than we do in the US.

The public mindset that we should continue manufacturing in the US reeks of people not understanding basic accepted rules of economics.

There are things we can do better than China. Manufacturing is not one of them.