Marco Arment:

People also often apply variants of this theory when guessing how other huge players such as Microsoft, Google, and Amazon will fare when pitting similar products against Apple’s. For instance, Microsoft has effectively infinite money and overwhelming dominance in many software markets. Google has effectively infinite web traffic. Amazon is ruthlessly efficient to sell and ship products at lower prices than nearly anyone.

But all of the money, web traffic, and cheap cardboard boxes in the world can’t buy two huge factors that contribute to Apple’s modern success: time and taste.

This Apple is different from the Apple of 25 years ago. What they’ve built wasn’t the result of one glamorous product that can easily be copied. It’s a well-crafted strategy that started over a decade ago with the iMac and iPod, and that competitors only decided to take note of a couple of years ago.

They will die one day, but it’s not going to be because a company copies them.