Jared Spool:

What we thought was true on the desktop is now all up for grabs. Taking our desktop designs and simply transferring them to the small screen doesn’t work. The megapixel real estate of the desktop screen allowed us to get a bit sloppy, permitting us to fill up the emptiness with confusing and cluttered functionality.

Mobile applications refuse to tolerate that sloppiness.

Mobile is a rapid and shocking shift in much more than user interfaces.

It’s a complete shift in how companies do business. It won’t be enough to simply have your business be available on mobile, you have to rethink how your customers interact with you.

Just like Blockbuster having a .com didn’t do anything for them when a .com-first company like Netflix swooped in, taking the same approach to mobile is a great way to fail.

User Experience Design is about much more than making your mobile app look pretty. It’s about rethinking how users can interact with your business. UX must be involved at all steps, not just a deliverable at the end.