Seth Godin:

Horizontal marketing, on the other hand, means creating a remarkable product and story and setting it up to spread from person to person. It’s out of your control, because all the interactions are by passionate outsiders, not paid agents.

Horizontal marketing, though, requires giving up control. We spend all of our time and money on a great story and a great service and a remarkable offering. The rest is up to the market itself. You can’t control this, and you can no longer ignore it either.

Product is the new advertising. Anyone who watches Mad Men understands that being an “ad man” in the day was a glamorous job. Advertising would make or break a company. Today that has shifted to the product itself. It’s why startups are glamorized by society like in The Social Network.

It’s a good thing – it means that users get what they’re promised or better.

It’s harder for the company however, because it means taking care in your craft and what you make, and that throwing money at your product isn’t going to solve the problem. Building a great product is a journey: hiring the right people, asking the right questions, making something that people love: these are all problems that more people or money won’t solve overnight.