Jason Fried:

The goal is to listen to your answer and ask yourself what it really means about how you approach product development.

If the answer is something like “well, because it was too hard for us to make it work the way it should” or “because we couldn’t figure it out” or “because we didn’t spend the time to think about the problem thoroughly enough” or “we just didn’t feel like putting in the work to make this easy for you” it may be a red flag.

Now, sometimes those are just truthful answers. Every decision involves a sacrifice. You may have had to sacrifice some thoroughness here so you could be more thorough there. But when answers like that pile up it’s worth looking yourself in the mirror and ask why you’re satisfied with answers like that.

In the moment, it’s often easy to justify why certain decisions are being made. But if enough of those decisions start piling up, it begins to show where your values really are – it’s your actions speaking louder than words.

If you say you value your customers by repeatedly make design decisions that make it harder for your users because it’s easier to build it, then you’re putting ease of use over your users.

Actions speak louder than words.