A New Adventure

This new year is kicking off with a fresh start for me. I’ve accepted a job offer at Credera, a management and technology consulting firm in the Dallas area. I will be leaving a job that I have thoroughly enjoyed at Sabre Holdings for the last two and a half years.

Later this month, I’ll be joining their (relatively) new User Experience consulting practice that’s being put together by Mark Kraemer. He’s someone that I’m looking forward to having as a manager and mentor.

I’m excited to do something very unique – UX is a part of Credera’s management consulting practice. Having an opportunity to bring a bit of UX to different facets of businesses is an exciting prospect for me. It’s a job that will pull from many different skills, and continually push me out of my comfort zone.

However, it’s a bittersweet change. I found myself discerning for weeks how I could leave a great job with really smart people that I love to work with. Often times though, the things in life that push you out of your comfort zone are the biggest opportunities to grow and learn.

One person I have to give an especially big thanks to is @saykay who stuck her neck out after a chance meeting, and made her first hire an unconventional finance guy to be a marketing & product development intern nearly three years ago. Since then, she has been the most candid and honest mentor I could have asked for.

Another big thanks at Sabre is to Rebecca Daniels who has been my manager for the last two years, who pushed me to grow and own the work I delivered. To all my other Sabre friends, it truly has been a blessing to work with each of you.

The last thank you is to my wife. To say that she is loving and supportive would be an understatement. She has listened to me talk my head off about all my career thoughts for years. It is a blessing to have your best friend by you to share in all of life’s moments.

So on to new adventures! I am very excited about what the future holds.

January 4, 2012