Roger Black articulates how to approach rethinking publishing, specifically from an advertising perspective:

For it to work, we have to offer great stories. That’s what it comes back to: Wonderfully written, photographed and designed narratives about stuff that’s interesting. This is not a matter of “converting” magazines and newspapers to HTML5. It’s rethinking what we’ve done well in print, for the screen, on multiple platforms. There must be new kind of design, as well as new technologies.

What’s very interesting is the concept he presents of responsive advertising. Responsive Web Design is still a new frontier of web design, but if advertising would embrace it, it would no doubt cascade through the publishers quickly.

His look at rethinking advertising has a simple approach, and is necessary to enable responsive advertising:

1) Greatly reduce the number of ad positions
2) Charge more for ads
3) Sell cross-platform ads (web, tablet, mobile) with a single insertion order

There’s no denying his approach makes sense, and fixing the problem of compensating creators for digital content is one that is close to my heart.