Requirements-driven development has been, in my opinion, the biggest roadblock to building great software. This is the process where the business team makes an enormous spreadsheet full of bullet points that the technology needs to develop. Then they toss that over the fence to developers and expect them to build it out.

So how can business and development better bridge the gap? One solution is through simple prototyping – having the business people visualize what they’re looking for and how it should work. This visual discussion helps gain consensus and forces people to think through how the product actually works, not just what it does.

This week’s sponsor, OmniGraffle makes it simple for anyone to build visual prototypes. They bring the same care and thoughtfulness as other OmniGroup products, such as OmniFocus, to visual prototyping.

One of my personal favorite features are the stencils, available at Graffletopia. They give a complete design novice the elements needed to easily illustrate interactions on interfaces from the Mac to iOS devices and more. Did I mention it’s crazy easy?

OmniGraffle is available for Mac and iPad. You should take a look at the video tutorials and take the 14 day trial on the Mac for a spin at their site.