Thanks once again to this week’s sponsor, The Omni Group.

Part of doing your best work is having a trusted system that tells you what to do and where to do it. For years I had fiddled around with various To Do systems, but the first one that really clicked for me was OmniFocus.

The key for me to OmniFocus is filing everything into projects. In my job, I’m responsible for at least 4-5 different major active projects, and being able to group everything by context keeps everything straight.

Each week when I have my coordination with my manager, I simply pull up my “due” items in the next week an see what I need input on.

It really clicked for me when I took the time to watch all of the instructional videos.

They even offer free cloud sync to the iPhone and iPad apps.

Everyone I know who has bought into the ecosystem loves it. Shawn Blanc’s review is a great look at the system. Ben Brooks lists 237 items when you search for OmniFocus, featuring tips and ideas on how to use it.

There’s a 14 day free trial for the Mac, and fantastic iPhone and iPad apps are available as well. You should read more about OmniFocus here.