With all the SOPA drama as of late, I was reminded of something I had been meaning to do for some time: move my domains off GoDaddy. SOPA was simply the cherry on top, but I have disagreed with their values and actions for some time.

I may not be the biggest customer or most valuable, but as I grow older, I realize that where you choose to spend your money says a lot about your own values.

At one point, GoDaddy was refreshing – it was cheap and easy to use. Remember the days when a .com cost $75?

Over time though, they’ve stared down a slippery ethical slope. My friends have contests to see who can make it through their black hat UI checkout process the fastest without buying anything extra. Their overtly sexual marketing can be disrespectful to women, and their CEO enjoys shooting endangered elephants out of helicopters.

The biggest reason why I didn’t switch is because I thought there would be a ton of downtime for my sites and it’d be hard work, but NameCheap has made it dead simple. This guide had me transferring all my domains in a matter of minutes, no technical expertise required.

Today they’re donating $1 to the EFF for each domain transferred. Even better, use their coupon code and get an extra year’s renewal tagged onto the end of your current registration and free WhoIsGuard, something I’d overlooked for some time because I thought GoDaddy was just throwing it on:

On December 29th, we’re offering transfers below cost ($6.99* per transfer) using the coupon code SOPASucks. Additionally, for every domain transfer initiated on the 29th, Namecheap will donate $1 to the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

Speak with your money, and transfer your domains [affiliate link]. It’s quick and easy.