Sasha Dzeletovic:

In the future of interaction design, I see devices created with their purpose hard coded into them. I see software that doesn’t have configuration options. I see people having the balls to stand behind their design. And if it fails, throw it in the garbage, note lessons learned and make a new one.

This flies in the face of the direction most companies are going. Given all the hoopla around Twitter for iPhone 4.0, and even the recently redesigned Facebook iPhone app, you have companies attempting to converge platforms and sterilize their designs. Even Apple absolutely demolished iCal and Address book in Lion. “Normal people” (non-geeks) like my wife even complain about how bad it is. Skeumorphic design, really?

I hope the trend of bigger companies snatching up smaller companies that really focused on crafting delightful experiences, and then killing that delight will end.

There are smart designers at all these companies. Stand behind your great design.