Horace Dediu:

Each new input method led to not just a disruption but new platforms and new business models. Each new “sling” victimized a set of historic companies. Mainframe and minicomputers, consumer electronics giants and now telecoms.

Just like David’s sling, these technologies are not powerful in and of themselves, but rather, the way they are used makes them unpredictably sinister.

This case is why user experience design should be taught as business school curriculum. Many companies, like Horace’s example of mobile phone manufacturers, dismiss UX as a side note or afterthought that is tossed over the fence to wacky Mac-using designers.

The problem is that how users interact with products have lasting business impacts. It impacts how money is made, because new opportunities come up.

That’s why businesses shouldn’t try to shove what they currently do onto new platforms, but instead rethink how the user experiences what they do with the benefits of a new platform.