AdWeek profiled Josh Tyrangiel, the new editor tasked with reinventing BusinessWeek:

“Why am I reading this article in this magazine? Why am I reading this right now in this magazine? And what am I going to be able to take away from it? Apply those three questions to most stories,” he says. “That’s how you get to indispensability.”

According to a staffer, Tyrangiel is “obsessive” about furthering that mission.

“If your projection of your own value is $4.99, you have to earn it every week,” Tyrangiel says. “You have to create that consistency week after week after week so that people know what the value proposition is, why they come to you. And when they come to you, you have to deliver on that time and again.”

This is the right approach. Tyrangiel isn’t rethinking publishing, but he’s thinking why a magazine exists, why is it that anyone should buy BusinessWeek. This is the first step to rebuilding anything – find why someone should use what you provide.

Best of luck to the team there. It seems like they have the time and money to re-build something great.

via Dan Frommer.