Buying a car sucks. This is not only a good look behind what happens at car dealerships, but some fantastic storytelling. A great article, and a must-read for anyone before they buy a car.

Somehow, the earlier sales sheet had gotten “lost” and the numbers they had agreed on were “forgotten.” The price of the minivan and all the extras shot back up and the price of his trade-in took a serious dive. For the next two hours Mr. Park was hammered by every closer in the dealership. I got to watch a variety of styles: impatience, cajoling, begging, threats. Through all this his wife sat by his side clutching their little baby. Mr. Park began complaining that he had a headache and his manner became increasingly angry. At one point he ominously muttered, “Don’t screw with me.”

I couldn’t exactly figure out what had happened to the deal.