Seth Godin:

Too often, we look at the new thing and demand to know how it supports the old thing. Perhaps, though, the question is, how does the new thing allow us to think skinnier.

“Thinking Skinnier” is the beauty of technology and the internet. Not long ago, starting most businesses required a decent investment, and a lot of people to do the work.

However, newspapers, radio, books, TV, and all other forms of media are being upended by agile competitors who “get” the internet. Companies never win by protecting their existing business.

But media is the low hanging fruit. Over the next few decades we’ll see most industries overtaken by skinny entrants. Take Bank Simple for example – who would have thought that a skinny startup with $13M in funding could be looking to overturn the big bad banks?

The beauty of skinny is that it’s simple and easy compared to the entrenched competitors. The profits may not be billions of dollars, but it’ll be more than sufficient to support a small group of smart people. The business models are simpler, people are responsible for more, and the focus allows companies to go deep and make one thing really great.

So let’s stop complaining and get building. Change industries by finding ways to make something better. That is my hope with The Syndicate in the advertising industry. Let’s get to work.