Microsoft premiered yet another “concept video.” As usual it’s all Minority Report-ish.

I couldn’t put my finger on it until I read what Sean Sperte wrote:

I can’t help comparing it to Apple’s Knowledge Navigator concept video, which was produced almost 15 years ago. I personally prefer Apple’s approach more – the singular subject narrative. It’s easier for me to mentally digest. I feel like I only have so much brain bandwidth to dedicate towards understanding the concepts, and if the story itself requires explanation or interpretation, I get overloaded and miss things.

It’s not so much that concept videos are bad, it’s the fact that Microsoft just throws up this Jetsons-like vision. It’s not really a vision, it’s just having fun, it doesn’t tell us anything.

Apple on the other hand did a deep-dive 15 years ago. They envisioned something specific, something that could be worked toward and achieved.