Khoi Vinh:

We’re leaving an era where design operates in the narrative mode, in which its fundamental purpose is to create canonical, highly controlled visual stories. We’re now in an era — the digital era — where the new paradigm is designing for behavior: creating stateful systems that are responsive to user inputs and environmental inputs, where presentation is not just separated from content, but where presentation is volatile and continually changing by nature.

Conceptually, this one was a tough read, and I had to go through it a few times – however, Khoi presents a fascinating look at the future of a budding field of design called editorial design.

Editorial content is always changing, and to design for something that isn’t always fixed requires some incredible systems thinking combined with tasteful visual design skills.

“Ed-ex” as he calls it is the future of how we’ll interact with content, and Khoi calls for a future young crop of designers to tackle this field.

It’s the future of digital publishing – not a company who can take a print magazine and copy it into something like Apple’s Newsstand. That’s a cheap hack. Editorial Experience will take advantage of what digital does better than print. Mike Matas’ Push Pop Press was probably the first foray into this field((Unfortunately, they were acquired by Facebook)).