Dan Frommer with some thoughts on using content to help commerce:

It’s why I think many of the most interesting — and possibly the most successful — new e-commerce ventures could be the ones that are also producing the best content. At least those are the ones I’d want to do business with.

Some really interesting thoughts here. Dan uses the wonderful Fab.com to show how selling things online has evolved. I think we are now at the point where simply slapping your items with prices on the internet isn’t enough.

Generating content around it, whether it be written, spoken, graphical, or whatever, helps to craft the story around why someone should buy something. It’s easy to craft that story in a physical store – you walk up to the item, touch it, try it out, and walk away with something tangible.

Online is different – it’s much more of a pull where someone has to show you why you should buy something.

Content strategy for online shopping is much harder. At the same time lets retailers craft a much bigger story than they ever could in a physical location.

This is big, and it’s something that people selling goods need to consider over the next decade. I have no doubt this is the future. Groupon and the other email newsletters were only the start.