Wow. The most brutally honest article I’ve read about the whole Gen Y workforce:

The Gen-Y losers in this country want to explore and revel in the greatest accomplishments of mankind’s glorious history — they just don’t want to try to participate in making history themselves. 

This little pull quote doesn’t do it justice. Jason Calacanis breaks Millennials out into two groups. 25% who are almost indistinguishable from Gen X:

They want to get paid, do their thing, not be micromanaged and be recognized for their accomplishments once and a while. I call these Gen-XYs at the office, and I LOVE these types. They have a healthy ego, they want to make money, they want to have a career and they want to, most importantly, work hard and make good stuff. They have the perfect balance of self-interest and selflessness.

I like to think I fit into the Gen-XY category.

Unfortunately, the Gen Y trend of taking advantage of the system is an epidemic started by our parents who waited on us hand and foot. Parents that thought it’d be easier to “just do it for their kids” than teach them how to do it. Teaching your kids responsibility means giving them choices & responsibility and making them accountable for their actions.

Honestly, in high school, it was baffling how many parents lived vicariously through their kids, and often times partook in the typical high school drama going on around us.

It’s sad.

For many years, age and wisdom was seen with respect. Those days are gone in so many ways, good and bad. While the younger generation has a voice, there is no motivation to grow up. To take on responsibility.

It all starts with parenting. Gen Y, I implore you – take time to teach your kids responsibility. To give them age-appropriate choices. We live in a time of unrestricted potential at our fingertips. Young people need to use it to make something great, not take advantage of the system.