Mary Meeker, a partner at KPCB put together the most holistic and comprehensive look at our nation’s economic problems that I have seen, putting the United States in the context of a major corporation.

To me, the biggest “hump” to get over is that politicians love to thin slice and blame – pulling out statistics that make one particular group look bad and by taxing more/spending less on that group, we can fix our problems.

Mary is right in her analysis – for the US to get out of it’s current problem, it will take sacrifice from all groups. It will also take a long-term commitment to the fixes.

The first problem, before we even tackle the economy, is that the entire government is driven on spending. It all starts with “how much do we want to spend.” No one starts with that. After that, there is no accountability – it’s a land grab for politicians.

Mary’s proposition of having a top to bottom review of every single government program and if they make sense is absolutely the way to start. Each program needs key metrics to be accountable for, and if you can’t hit them, you lose your funding.

Stop thin slicing, stop blaming. It doesn’t matter what’s happened in the past. Even the “geeks” that I traditionally respect have been lowering the conversation to blaming other parties.

We need a holistic look at our future, or the US could end up a lot worse than things are today.