Megan Fisher on why writing and publishing are important:

I’ll often drop what I’m doing to write a post about a thought that’s picking at my brain. Once the idea is “on paper,” I can go back to focusing on the task at hand.

For me, that’s the real beauty of writing. Ideas can be noisy, heavy things. Trying to ignore them is like trying to ignore a bored cat. It will sit on your chest while you’re resting. It will paw at you while you work. It will purr, it will scratch, but it will not go away until it is acknowledged. Writing is how I acknowledge an idea, so it will finally go to sleep.

I’ve written and spoken before about the fact that ideas are cheap – real artists ship, and as I’ve observed, many people (myself included) love to talk. They’ll throw out 200 ideas in a one hour meeting.

The importance is acting on it, and the first step to doing that often time is writing about it. That’s why Amazon’s product managers start by writing a press release. If that doesn’t pass muster with their team, the idea is often times shot down.

Writing is hard, but it forces you to hash out your idea with yourself before you take up other people’s time with it.