Ben Bleikamp, telling CEOs to stop acting like Steve Jobs:

Good managers hire people who are better than them. If you’re the CEO and you really think you’re the best product manager your company can find, you’re so fucked.

Being CEO does not instantly make you a competent product manager. Sorry. You should be able to convey your vision for what the company should be without being a dictatorial asshole and micromanaging people.

This ties back to Jared Spool’s concept of “self-design.” Most CEOs that decide to get in the weeds decide for what they think is best. However, great product makers know that you design products for the data and test your options.

You are not Steve Jobs. You’re better off surrounding yourself with people much smarter than yourself and giving them a problem to solve and a framework. Ask the right questions. Set the direction, but don’t tell them how to do their job.