writes the story of Steve Jobs’ original demise at Apple:

Steve had often professed that he preferred working with small teams on new products, and that he didn’t really want to run a large organization with hundreds of employees. Apple’s board felt that he should hand the reins of the Macintosh division over to a professional management team, and return to his core strength as a new product visionary.

Stories like this are what give me confidence that Apple will succeed without Steve. When it was all about him, back in the 80s, the company failed badly. Today, he’s surrounded himself by people who compliment his strengths, namely Tim Cook, but also Johnny Ive, Phil Schiller, and the rest.

There are enough smart people, coupled with Apple’s new project to codify how they do things that they will continue to do great things after Steve is gone. It’s about creating a culture, not making it about yourself.

(via @garrytan)